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DOs and Dont's


Do anything you want to as you are here to be treated as a King. Sit back & enjoy the Scenery, Wildlife, Nature. However, please do follow the Don’ts mentioned below.


* Please do not venture out of the fenced property on your own.
* Please do not get into the kennel (dog enclosure).
* Please walk only on the pathway, we have made sure to not disturb the ecology of the land because of which there is lot of steep areas & one might slip. There are lot of untouched boulders where one can easily slip and get injured.
* Please do not come out of your rooms after 10pm, all the pathway lights & other lights are switched off to conserve energy, please do feel free to call the reception for any emergency.
* Children below 11 years & Adult above 70 years will not be taken to the Trek, to maintain their own safety.
* Please do not smoke or drink in the room as the structures are made out of wood & a small mistake might cause fire, feel free to smoke or drink in the designated smoking & drinking area.
* Please do not leave your Child unattended.
* Aged people & people traveling with Children should take extra precaution.
* Please use the sanitary cover & throw the same in the bin, please do not dispose that in the Toilet.
* People with heart conditions, spinal problems or people who need emergency care are requested to take extra precaution.
* During campfire we only play light music only so other guests are not disturbed.

Kindly Note

* “Difficult Roads lead to Beautiful Destinations” Pandora Hill Resort is situated in the lap of nature, 6850ft above sea level on top of a hill surrounded by mountains with an incredible view. The last 2kms is an off roader (mud road) not ideal for Hatchbacks or Sedan, However it is not impossible for these vehicles to make it to the Resort. Customer with an SUV can drive to the Resort if they wish to, even the Hatchbacks or Sedan can make it provided driven carefully & avoiding the terrain hitting the chassis. People who wish to drive till the Resort must kindly note the Resort Management are not responsible for any damages to the vehicle.

* Any transportation arrangements needed to the resort or sightseeing should be notified to resort management atleast 2 days prior to arrival date as the resort has limited transportation arrangements of their own.

* Pandora Hill Resort is an eco friendly Resort, where everything is implemented to conserve nature, there is limited power facility in the Resort. We use Natural Solar energy & the backup UPS for power, Please help us conserve energy by using limited power only when required & avoid switching on light unnecessarily or during the day. However, there will be 24hrs power supply in the property.

* There are no room heaters, Intercom or AC available in any of the Rooms, However there is a fan in each room and also an additional pedestal fan can be provided on request.

* There are no Geysers in any of the Rooms, We rely on Natural Solar energy for heating water, there is no issue for hot water till date. The Solar’s also have a heating coil inserted in case of a Rainy or a misty day the coils can be operated on power to provide hot water.

* There is limited Internet Connectivity near the Restaurant & Reception area only in the Resort connected by a wifi dongle, At Pandora Hill Resort we provide you the best connection – That is with Nature.

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