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Pandora Hill Resort - Experience Nature
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Welcome to Pandora Hill Resort, situated at Ooty is an Eco Friendly resort in Ooty located on top of a hill 6850 feet above sea level. Pandora is located 12kms from Ooty, away from the hustling bustling crowded city, towards the outskirts, Scenic country side, Agriculture, Wooded areas, Tea estates, en-route to resort one can also see lot of ancient settlement villages who have a 250+ years history dating back to Tippu Sultan. Pandora is an off-roader getaway, the final stretch of 2km is an off-road uphill experience for nature lovers, ready to experience something out of the box. Pandora Hill Resort gives you an experience to float among the clouds, touch the clouds, feel the nature up-close, breathe in fresh air and get ready to be deafened by the chirping sound of birds.

 Wake up to the natural alarm call of birds, various birds in and around the Resort are Peacock (our National Bird), Grey Jungle Fowl (plenty of them), Red Spur Fowl, Grey Partridge Quails, Magpie-robin, Spotted Babbler, Brown Dove, Bulbuls, Mynahs, Eagles, Hawks, Harriers, Falcons, Sparrows & other migratory birds. Relax at the comfort of your Gallery & watch the Birds fly below you in the valley. Pandora is one of the best economical Resort in Ooty, we have rooms across all budgets.

At Pandora Hill Resort, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices. Our resort harmonizes with the natural surroundings, ensuring minimal impact on the environment while providing a close to nature experience to our guests.

  Pandora Hill Resort Wild Birds
Pandora Hills Resort Wild life Bird

Pandora is run by a group of enthusiastic, who believe in protecting the nature, conserving wildlife, willing to serve, willing to learn. Pandora is an eco friendly resort, majority of the construction is done in wood, during the construction not even a piece of land was disturbed which could have imbalanced the ecology of the land, none of the earth moving machineries were used for the construction, making use of Mother nature’s resources such as using solar energy for majority of the lightings, harvesting rain water & diverting the same to the plantation & using materials which is eco friendly. Pandora is one of the Nature friendly Resort in Ooty nestled in the lap of nature in Ooty.

Pandora as the name suggests is filled with surprises, go back home with an everlasting memory which is hard to dent; take back home plenty of postcard pictures which will be etched in your memory. We came with a concept of wooden resort to give a different feel to the Customers, mainly the eco friendly concept, secondly, we wanted to give an experience of something other than concrete; something which is not part of one’s routine & day to day life. So we decided to make the cottages with wooden which is environment free and giving a different for the staycation.  It is the wooden cottage Resort in Ooty. cottage is developed as a comfortable wooden cottage with welcoming interiors including wooden floors. These Homes are outfitted with contemporary comforts like a/c, LED TELEVISION, and also a lot more.

Customer Satisfaction is the upmost priority in Pandora. The Truth is out here, come experience the beauty at Pandora & give us a chance to serve you. Pandora is thus one of the few Resorts in Ooty which is eco friendly. Pandora is one of the best Eco Friendly Nature Resort in Ooty. All the rooms are in Pandora are Wooden Cottages, only wooden house Resort in Ooty. Pandora offers you with 360 panoramic views of the valley.

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